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685 SAR 579 SAR

A TV table made of particle board wood with 2 shelves and 2 cabinets, with a beautiful and distinctive modern design, luxury and quality of work. The table is made of premium quality wood covered with a layer of melamine, which is scratch-resistant and health-safe. It is very important to choose a product that is consistent with the designs and colors around it, and the modern model is the best, as many updates have been made to it to appear with such beauty and perfection.

What makes this table suitable for different types of furniture is the beautiful white color and the design consisting of tight lockers that open down and 2 shelves. The table is really a multi-use elegant product, it can be a small library for you to store your books and essentials. You can also put a TV of any size because the table is 200 cm long, 39 wide, and 55 high.

Specifications of the particle board TV table:

The surface is covered with a layer of scratch-resistant melamine.

- Made of particle board wood.


The product is safe for health.

Table length: 200.

Table width: 39.

Table height: 55.

Weight: 41.

Product colour: white.

Packaging: 1 carton.

Manufacturing country: China.

  • 685 SAR 579 SAR
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Modern House 11 months ago
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