Including installation in Riyadh

طاولة تلفزيون لون أبيض وخشبي موديل لامور جذابة برف علوي

مناسبة للشاشات حتى 55 بوصه

559 SAR 499 SAR

An attractive white and wooden TV table, Lamor model, with a top shelf that combines elegance in design and quality in manufacturing materials. The table is made of the finest types of wood, which is particle board wood covered with a layer of melamine, which makes the table a practical piece of furniture that retains its complete appearance and splendor even with frequent use

Specifications of attractive top shelf tv table:

Length: 150 cm.

Width: 35 cm.

Height: 47 cm.

Weight: 29 kg.

Packaging: 1 carton.

Country of manufacture: Turkey.

Color: wooden with white.


  • 559 SAR 499 SAR
Munira Alhuwaishal 9 months ago
اقصد اذا لكم فرع بالرياض ابي اجي اشوف الطاوله
Modern House 9 months ago
مستودع فقط
Munira Alhuwaishal 9 months ago
هل لديكم فرع بالرياض
Modern House 9 months ago
موجودين داخل الرياض

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