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طاولة تلفاز نيت هوم بحجم مناسب وإضاءة جيدة لون أبيض

مناسبة للشاشات حتى 65 بوصه

599 SAR

Using a NetHome TV table to place a TV screen on it is obvious and everyone does it, but tables and TV sizes vary. What distinguishes this TV table is that it is of a very suitable size for placing a TV screen, yet there is room to put more. You can put more things next to the TV, such as different artifacts that suit you, as well as put pictures that are unique to you. The TV bench provides a place in the middle with a glass panel to place, for example, the plants you like of different sizes. The table also provides dedicated places on the edges with its own door that you can put the things you want and be protected from dust. Among the features of the table is also the distinctive lighting that appears in the middle of the table from the bottom, which gives a distinctive and modern appearance. Featuring TV table made of wood type of particle board, covered with a layer of melamine - resistant to scratches and safe on Asahh.oama you want to communicate with us to inquire about the product or other products as well as if you have a problem you can email us through Alwats .

Net Home TV Table Specifications

Height = 180 cm

Width = 45 cm

Height = 45 cm

Weight = 43 kg

color = white

Country of manufacture = China

Packaging = 1 carton


  • 599 SAR
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